The west portion of Placer County extends all the way into the California Central Valley and gives birders opportunities to see birds they may normally not see in other portions of Placer County that are higher up in elevation. Though the West Placer Valley region has undergone extensive development over the last decade there still remains good wetland and grassland habitat in regions within Roseville and Lincoln unincorporated. The Central Valley Flyway is very important for bird species migrating North to South or vice a versa, many birds such as raptors and water fowl use the wetland and grassland habitat for wintering habitat. In the Summer grassland habitat here is used for nesting by special concerned species such as Burrowing Owl, Swainsons Hawk and Loggerhead Shrike. The list below will give detailed information on Valley Birding locations that offer great opportunities to see many diverse species within this region of Placer County.

Lincoln Waste Water Treatment Plant (LWWTP)

Brewer Rd.

Phillip Rd.

Sunset Blvd Grassland Area

William Jessup Pond

Linda Creek Nature Area

Maidu Nature Area

Sun City Lincoln

Gladding Rd. Pond

Folsom Lake (Beals Point)

Folsom Lake (Granite Bay)



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